Standard Helical Rack 1.5M Left Hand 670mm

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A helical rack is a special gear whose teeth are distributed in the shape of a strip. The helical rack is also divided into straight tooth rack and helical tooth rack, respectively, with straight tooth cylindrical gear and helical cylindrical gear pair use; The tooth profile of the rack is a straight line rather than involute (plane for tooth surface); which is equivalent to the cylindrical gear with infinite radius of indexing circle.


The Main Features of Helical Rack:


(1) Since the tooth profile of the rack is straight, each point on the tooth profile has the same pressure Angle, which is equal to the inclination angle of the tooth profile. This Angle is called the tooth profile Angle, and the standard value is 20°.

(2) Any straight line parallel to the tooth tip line has the same pitch and modulus.

(3) Parallel to the tooth tip line, the tooth thickness equal to the tooth slot width of the line is called the dividing line (middle line). It is the calculation of the rack size reference line.


Helical Rack Parameter Selection:


(1) gear runout, full tooth depth, typical average, tooth direction is qualified, a tooth swing, the circumference of the standard error is out of tolerance.

(2) The mounting distance of the gear and rack is appropriate after installation.

(3) The rack and gear meshing clearance should be 0.25* module.

(4) Rack full tooth depth, jump, typical average, especially tooth direction, is qualified.


Scope of Application of Helical Rack:


(1) Rack is suitable for heavy load, high precision, rigidity, high speed, long stroke CNC tool machine, milling machine, drilling machines, lathes, machining centers, cutting machinery, woodworking machinery, welding machinery, stone machinery, etc.

(2) Rack is suitable for factory automation fast load shifting mechanism, robot arm grasping mechanism, intelligent three-dimensional warehouse, etc.

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Helical Rack and Pinion Vs Ball Screw

Ball screws can swing and vibrate over longer lengths as they hang between the ends. The spiral rack is mounted directly on the precision-machined steel frame/resting on the machined ledges and therefore does not vibrate. Helical rack and pinion drives offer our customers the best of both worlds – high precision, minimal wear for long-term reliability, no vibration, high speed and easy maintenance.

Ball screws can become a place of maintenance issues – as the ball nut rotates and moves along the ball screw, any dirt, dust and debris on the screw can collect inside the ball nut and affect the circulating ball bearing (see example picture for correct). If not cleaned regularly and correctly, ball bearings will begin to wear and stick, leading to problems in the operation of the machine.

We recommend helical rack and pinion drives for better long-term performance and easier maintenance. If the pinion wears out, it is easier and cheaper to replace than expensive ball nuts.

Helical Rack and Pinion CNC

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Experienced in-house engineering talent

The ability to manufacture and test designs entirely on site

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Helical Rack and Pinion Application

Woodworking Machine,CNC Router, High-speed Metal Cutting Machine,Pick and Place Robot,Assembly Machine,Material Handing Machine,Packaging Machine,Automaton Gantry,MachineTool,Lift Mechanisms,X-Y Axis Table,Guide Echanism,Seventh-Axis Robotic Slide.

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